The OBJ Experience

By Bill Whyte

2/19/20221 min read

"Why on Earth did Odell Beckham Jr. go to the Rams?" That was the name of the article I wrote when Odell Beckham signed with LA. I thought he should have signed with the Chiefs, Packers or Seahawks. I was wrong, and when Robert Woods tore his ACL the day after Beckham signed with LA, Odell fit right in. Beckham had 5 touchdowns in 6 games with the Rams, he had 7 total touchdowns in two years with the Browns.

The Rams were a Ring Hungry team. Matthew Stafford, Aaron Donald, Jalen Ramsey, as well as other players needed a ring to cement their place in NFL history. Odell was in the same boat. While Beckham was with Cleveland it seemed he and Baker Mayfield could not get on the field together, and when they were the were not on the same page. His time with the Giants is most remembered by a nasty catch and a picture on a boat. After that infamous "Boat Photo" Beckham put up a complete dud losing to Green Bay 38-13. Odell had only 4 receptions on 11 targets for 28 yards. The critics were still waiting to see how he did when the lights are the brightest.

Beckham showed up in the playoffs. In the Wild Card round Beckham caught all four of his targets and had a touchdown in a rout of the Cardinals. Beckham had a huge game against the defending champion Buccaneers, he caught 9 of his 11 targets for 119 yards in the win.